Who We Are

Pop-Up Jobs is a free video platform, aimed at boosting the profiles of Job Seekers worldwide and enhancing their chances of finding the right job. We are also an effective solution that makes it much easier for Employers to pre-screen candidates for recruitment purposes.

The Pop-Up Jobs platform was launched by a  Barbados based company, BPMS Inc.

What We Do

We invite Job seekers to create and upload 3-5 minute selfie video profiles onto our platform. These profile videos are intended to highlight their job requirements, educational accomplishments, work experiences, lifestyle, communication skills, personalities and suitability for recruitment.

We also host a weekly livestream broadcast called the Pop-Up Jobs Podcast. During each episode, the Host engages their guests in live discussion about their Job Seeker profiles.

We then promote these Selfie Video Profiles and Jobs Seeker Interviews to employers worldwide for employment purposes.

Our Target Audience

The target audience of Pop-Up Jobs are persons in the following categories.

1) Unemployed persons who are looking for a job.

2) Employed persons who are looking for a new job in another organisation.

3) Employed persons who are looking for a new job within the same organisation.

4) Employers who are looking to recruit new staff. 

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