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As part of their strategy to launch their new recruitment platform across Africa, the management of Pop-Up Jobs has submitted an official proposal to Brigadier Gen. MK Fadah, the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) of Nigeria to establish a strategic partnership.

Pop-Up Jobs is a free online service, aimed at boosting the profiles of Job Seekers in Africa and enhancing their chances of finding the right jobs locally, regionally or internationally. It is also an effective solution that makes it much easier for Employers to pre-screen local candidates for recruitment purposes.

For more information about Pop-Up Jobs, visit their website at

Pop-Up Jobs offers NYSC an ideal opportunity to implement an innovative initiative which is in keeping with its objectives to ensure that Nigerian youths acquire the spirit of self-reliance, a reliable source of economic empowerment and effective participation in nation building.

This partnership is also an opportunity for the NYSC to play a proactive role in addressing the rising unemployment crisis in Nigeria as a result of Covid and other post civil war issues.

Under this partnership, NYSC is required to reach out to the youths across Nigeria to invite them to subscribe free of charge to the Pop-Up Jobs platform, to submit their selfie Job Seeker profile videos and to participate in our Job Seeker Interviews.

The assistance they require is promotional and not financial. 

The team at  Pop-Up Jobs is looking forward to working with the NYSC and to making a positive impact to the employment sector of the Nigerian economy.

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Upgrade To Premium Subscriber

Launch Promotion

Get 1 friend to sign up free as a subscriber of Pop-Up Jobs platform and we will upgrade you to Premium Subscriber at no charge.

Simply tell us when someone referred by you signs up on the Pop-Up Jobs platform.

As a Premium Subscriber, you will be able to upload photos and videos to boost the exposure and visibility of your Pop-Up Jobs profile.


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How To Get Instant Alerts About Pop-Up Jobs


Get email alerts about Pop-Up Jobs matching your job requirements.


Simply submit posts with details of the types of jobs you are looking for, in the cities of your choice.

Each time an Employer responds to your post, you will be sent an email notification.

Examples Of Posts

Title: Looking for a job as a Graphic Designer (New York)

I have 10 years experience..................

Title: Looking for a job as a Graphic Designer (Miami)

I have 10 years experience..................

Search for similar posts submitted by other Job Seekers and follow the discussion thread. This is done by clicking on the Follow button at the bottom of the post.

The system will send you instant alerts everytime an Employer replies to the post.

You can then contact the Employer directly to to submit your application.

Submit A Post


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Pop-Up Jobs Live Stream Launching Soon


Launching on 5th April 2022!

The pilot episode of the Pop-Up Jobs Live talk show airs live on Tuesday 5th April 2022 on Facebook, YouTube and on the homepage of our website.

During the show, the host Chad Brathwaite will engage guests in live interactive discussions on the following topics.

  1. Pop-Up Jobs platform as an employment and recruitment solution for Job Seekers and Employers.
  2. Pop-Up Jobs platform as a marketing solution for Businesses and Self-Employed Professionals.
  3. The impact of Covid on the job market in Barbados and the wider Caribbean.

For more information about Pop-Up Jobs Live, go to

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