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Earn Money Hosting Job Seeker Interviews Online

Updated: 21st July 2022

The management of the Pop-Up Jobs platform is recruiting a global network of independent Podcast Partners to conduct interviews with the millions of Job Seekers worldwide.

This is not a job and there is no fixed income. This is a home-based business opportunity and revenue is generated from advertising placed by from companies worldwide.

Pop-Up Jobs is an exciting new initiative, aimed at boosting the profiles of Job Seekers and increasing their chances of finding the right jobs.

For more information about our platform, go to https://popupjobs.net/about.

As our Podcast Partner, your responsibilities are as follows.

  1. To reach out to Job Seekers via social media networks to invite them to participate in Job Seeker Interviews hosted by you.
  2. To conduct research on your guests to formulate the right questions during the interviews.
  3. To coordinate, organise and host 10 minute interviews with Job Seekers in any city/country.
  4. To promote the Job Seeker Interviews hosted by you on your social media platforms.

Onlin training is provided as required.


  1. Laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Smart phone.
  3. Reliable high speed internet connection.
  4. An account with a Streamyard podcasting platform.
  5. YouTube channel
  6. PayPal or bank account account to receive payment directly from advertisers.
  7. A quiet space to host interviews. 

Podcast Partners make money from advertisers who place 30-sec video ads on Job Seeker Interviews hosted by them.

We promote to companies worldwide to invite them to place ads on Job Seeker Interviews to promote their products and services to a global captive audience.

100% of the advertising revenue generated is retained by our Podcast Partners. 

Management is responsible for securing advertisers. However, it is in the best interest of Podcast Partners to target advertisers directly.

To see our advertising terms and rates, go to https://popupjobs.net/advertising.

Payment is made directly to our Podcast Partners, via PayPal or wire transfer.

There is no cost to become a Podcast Partner.

Persons interested in this home-based business opportunity are required to follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up free on the Pop-Up Jobs platform. Sign up now>>
  2. All host candidates must do a screen test by creating a selfie video while reciting our intro script. For instructions, click here>>
  3. For queries about this opportunity, message us on +1 246 831 1960.
  4. If your application is successful, we will contact you with further instructions. 

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