Screen Test

Host candidates are required to participate in a screen test by creating a selfie video while reciting the script below.

This is part of our process of assess your suitability to become a Host with Pop-Up Jobs Podcast.

Upon completion, send the selfie video via WhatsApp to +1 246 831 1960 or email at

Important: We are looking for persons with the right delivery, communication skills, body language, personality and on-camera presence.

PS: If you are already a podcaster, simply send me a link to view some of your episodes.


"Welcome to the Pop-Up Jobs Podcast.

I am your host John Smith and I am broadcasting from London.

For those who just tuned into this episode and do not know what Pop-Up Jobs Podcast is about, we are a platform that produces promotional videos of Job Seekers.

We then promote these video profiles to Employers locally and internationally to boost Job Seekers chances of finding the right job.

It is FREE to participate in our Job Seeker Interviews.

Our guest today is Jane Douglas from London.

Good morning Jane. Thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview.

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